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Custom Pet Portrait

Custom Pet Portrait


This is a ultra realistic 3D sculpture of your beloved pet made with the softest merino wool, realistic glass eyes, and set in a matted frame that can stand or hang.  I can do any animal you want be it cat, dog, or even chicken!  


The standard size is 6x6 animal protrait and includes the framing and starts at $250.  Additional animals, larger sizes, added materials, or more elaborate frames can be accomidated  but will add to the price. 


Photos and money must be recieved before build can start.


*Please include your needs and name in the information section below and send all pictures to and dont porget to include your name in the email!

*No extra money will ever be charged to you without your prior knowledge and consent.  

  • Pricing

    Pricing for a standard 6x6 framed standard pet portrait starts at $250.  Additional animals, material, larger sizes, and diffrent frames can be accomidated at your request but will increase the price.  

    If there are additional charges I, the seller, will reach out to communicate these charges.  Any aditional charges will be agreed upon by both yourself and I before and money is collected.    All money must be paid in full before the build can start.

  • Time Table

    Upon purchase and sending of pictures and information the build will take TWO WEEK PLUS SHIPPING to arive at your door.  


  • Shipping

    All shipping is standard rate shipped from Virginia USA.

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