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Custom Orders

I can do any custom piece you want! From beloved pets to beloved characters, and even beloved people! Each piece is individually

designed and priced based on size and complexity.  Some standard sizes are available to buy in my shop but I can also do larger or smaller sizes as well!

Step One: Send an email with pictures and description

Email me at or fill out the description on the Custom Order option in the shop.  In the email make sure to send a photo of what you want me to make along with the size you want and frame color/style you would prefer (I do my best but since all my frames are second hand finds I can't promise anything).


Step Two: Pay online through the website

If you do not select one of our most common sized custom orders, I will make you a special link just for your order so that you can easily and securely pay online through my website.  I will add shipping to the price of your item. 

Step Three: Wait for your order to arrive!

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